Hi I'm Chip... aka DJ Colin Jones.

I love records.
I love radio.
I love to work.



Radio Show Redefined + buy records

I’m back to making radio that should be here. This year I’ve gone back to my roots and I am focused on making radio that sounds like radio… but with humans… good radio… I’m not the only option, but I’m really good at what this show is back to being about. Alternative hits, b-sides and live tracks from the 80’s and 90’s all vinyl.

Big Green Jones Show podcasts are available from 2014 broadcasts here:

Eventually I do plan on making mixtapes for SNAP 90’s and more, but for right now I am really happy to be here… at home… with ALL of my records… and the world… thanks to http://radio23.org

AND I’m selling some records here sometimes:

HUGE THANKS TO @radbroadcast #BoomWowRecords and #TrashyTrashDjs